Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday Randomness

A/C is fixed = a very happy pregnant lady :)  And considering it's supposed to be 89 degrees here today (what happened to Spring???), it's fixed just in time.

Remember the whole crib fiasco?  Well, the correct crib (fingers crossed they have it right this time around) is being delivered today!  I am normally at school on Wednesdays from 10:30ish to 8:30, but today I'll come home from 1-5 for the delivery.  This weekend Ian will put it together and than I can post some room pics for you.

Oh, and remember I told you about the bridesmaid dress for Leah's wedding?  Well, I tried it on and took a couple of pictures.  I have to say, it doesn't look as bad as it did when I tried it on in the store.  But I still need some major alterations and need the straps moved so they hold these porn star boobs up.  (Please excuse the faces I am making - my law school girls were in the room and totally making me laugh).


  1. You look great! Those boobs are fantastic :P

  2. Dude - I wish I had porn star boobs!

    And that dress doesn't look bad on you at all! I was expecting some giant tent! I think it looks good.


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