Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Recap and Nursery Pictures

I don't know what the weather is like near you, but we had absolutely amazing weather this weekend.  It was in the mid to upper 60's, sunny, breezy, without a cloud in the sky.  We opened up the windows and doors and let the spring air fill our house.  I now understand why people who live in warmer climates (you lucky CA people) are so active, because we were incredibly active and motivated.  (Today it's rainy and overcast, but I'm not dwelling on that because we were so spoiled with awesome weather over the weekend.)

We kicked off our weekend with a fab dinner with friends at Samos.  Saturday, we got lots of cleaning up and cleaning out done in the house, along with our weekly errands (grocery shopping, dry cleaning, etc.), and finally cooked out on the grill and watched Up in the Air.  And finally yesterday, we went shopping for black-out drapes for the nursery, started clearing out the room, picked up my bridesmaid dress for Leah's wedding (two sets of friends are getting married two months from today!), went bra shopping, and Ian put up the curtains. 

First, I liked that movie but wasn't in love with it.  I felt kind of disappointed when it was over because it just ended kind of awkwardly.  What did you think?

Second, bra shopping was major blah.  I was measured about 8-10 weeks ago and my bra size hadn't changed.  But I'd been noticing that my boobs were just having a life of their own, and not looking great in my bras.  I was measured, and the number hasn't changed, but I've gone up one cup size.  I now have porn star boobs. 

Third, I tried on the bridesmaid dress, which is beautiful by itself, but on me looks quite awful.  It wouldn't look awful if I wasn't pregnant.  It's kind of a slate gray which I think is very pretty.  And I ordered the maternity style - but there's really no way to measure for it because we had no idea how big I'll be when I have to wear it at 32 weeks.  So I put it on before I left the store to make sure that there was some room for growth, and holy crap it looked awful.  It looked like a tent.  I showed Ian and even he was like whoa, you look big.  I think because it's flowy from the belly down, that it just kind of makes me look like a whale.  It needs to be taken up in the chest a lot (my rib cage still is tiny compared to my ginormous hips/butt, and now belly), and then besides that, I'll just have to wait and see how big I get before we decide if the belly is too big.  A friend recommended a great alterations person nearby - so hopefully she can work some magic for me.

Fourth, I'm not in love with the curtains we got.  We got plain white sheers to go underneath the black-out drapes.  The white sheers are perfectly fine, but the drapes are kind of eh.  We got a color to match the paint instead of trying to match it to the colors we'll be using in her room.  They definitely need to be ironed, but they are just kind of blah looking.  On the plus side, they seem to block out a whole lot of light making her room pretty dark during the day.  So they are at least doing what they're supposed to do.  Now, we'll just wait and see over the next few days whether that room gets quite as hot.  Even though I'm not loving the way they look, if they do what they're supposed to do, then we'll keep them.

Finally, here are some pictures of the room before we did anything to start transforming it.  Notice that although it's a guest bedroom, it is also a holding spot for lots of randomness like toilet paper and extra bedding because we have no linen closet, or any other closet in the entire house besides our master bedroom closet. 


  1. Samos was so good!

    And I share that same opinion on Up in the Air. I felt very "meh" about it.

    Our guest room is all of Jeremy's old bedroom furniture and his closet (because I seriously take up ALL the closets in our bedroom). I can't wait to see the nursery come together!

  2. I love the crown molding in the guest room.
    Bummer that you get to wear a tent bridesmaid dress. I get to be in a wedding 3 mo. after baby is due. I have no idea how to get measured for that either. At least I will have good motivation to loose the baby weight:)
    Where did you get the blackout curtians? I haven't looked yet, but I'm thinking about getting some too.

  3. Kim - We both need bigger houses! And Samos was so much fun - we should do dinner more often.

    Angie - Ugh - measuring for that wedding will be tough for you! We got the curtains at Bed Bath & Beyond.


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