Friday, March 26, 2010

Mix-Ups All Around: Furniture and Registry


Yesterday, I anxiously awaited the delivery of baby girl's furniture.  They were supposed to be delivering it between 2-6.  I vaccuumed it (again), dusted it (again) and opened up the drapes to let the sun shine in.  Then, I waited.  I literally sat myself next to the window and waited impatiently for what seemed like forever - but in reality they showed up at 2:30.

They were super nice and were incredibly careful moving the furniture into our house that has extremely narrow doorways and close corners.  Once everything was in place and I shut the door when they left, I sprinted (okay not sprinted because honestly, this belly doesn't allow for that.  It was probably more like a quick waddle) up the steps and into her room with such giddiness.  I looked at the dresser - which is absolutely beautiful and then checked out the box that has the crib in it.  I noticed it said the wrong crib name.  Eek!  So I quick waddled back down the steps and out the door and flagged down the men as they were pulling away. 

He came back in and checked it, and this is where the many apologies started.  They did in fact bring the wrong crib but they were quick to remedy the situation.  They asked when I'm due - if I was due soon, they'd go ahead and have us use this until the new one can make it back up to our house.  Since I'm not due soon, they came back in and took it (which is what I wanted) and confirmed that they do have the correct crib in stock.  Their plan was to come back tonight to try to redeliver it.  Keep in mind that their location is an hour from our house - I was super impressed.  The driver said he'd call me within 2 hours.

2 hours later, I got a call saying they can't get back up to Baltimore tonight.  But they want to redeliver it tomorrow, or the next convenient time for me.  My schedule happens to be crazy the next week so it'll be delivered in less than 2 weeks.

Even though the mix-up happened, they handled it completely professionally and in a very quick fashion.  I am so happy we decided to order our furniture through Buy Buy Baby - clearly their customer service is important, and I really appreciate that in a company.

Even though the only furniture we have in there now is the dresser, I can't help but feel the need to be in that room.  I love it.  I imagine myself changing her diaper on that dresser, and getting her dressed, and imagine her giggling on it, or crying on it.  I put away most of the clothes that have been gifted to us thus far.  Becoming a mom is right around the corner, and I am thrilled.

Last night I got on our registry to add something, and noticed when I pulled it up that a whole lot of stuff we didn't register for is on it.  As I looked further into it, I realized that a lot of stuff that has been added was purchased.  Clearly something was wrong with our registry - no shower has been planned for, and almost all of it was stuff I hadn't registered for.  I got worried though especially because the stuff we did register for is the stuff we NEED pretty much right away when baby is born - what is all this other stuff?The few things that were bought that I had registered for are such common items that wouldn't just relate to our registry.  I called BBB and got it worked out - apparently sometimes if someone goes to buy stuff at the store and the computer register is already in another registry, then those items get punched into the wrong registry as being bought.  So by tonight all of those items should be removed from our registry. 

So yeah - I think those were the two Thursday mix-ups.

This weekend I am locking myself in the office to finish my first draft of a huge paper.  Other than that, I'm sure I'll try to squeeze in some baby stuff.  I just can't help myself :)  Have a great weekend!


  1. I would have cried... A LOT! LOL! I am a huge mess tho...I commend you on being so calm! Good luck on your draft!

  2. Pretty crazy! The last time someone messed up on what we ordered it was our shingle color. They tore off all the old shingles and had half of the new ones up (in an ugly orange color) before my husband came home and noticed what was going on. Then I had to deal with more pounding on the roof for another day. At least we didn't have to pay for thier mistake:)

    I feel the need to hang out in the baby room more now too.


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