Friday, February 26, 2010

Three nights ago

The most amazing thing happened.  I was sitting on the couch with my laptap on my lap.  Ian was sitting next to me.  Baby suddenly kicked so hard I jumped and squealed like a little girl.  I pulled back my shirt to look at my stomach, and again baby kicked.  And...I saw my belly jump! Ian and I spent the next 5 minutes staring at my belly, willing baby to do it again for her daddy to see!  She finally did, and since then, we've been mesmerized by just sitting and waiting for my belly to jump some more.

This entire week, baby has been super active.  I just cannot wait to see him on Monday!!  Also, I'm excited whether the 54% or the 45% of you will be right about the gender.  I will certainly let you know after our appointments on Monday.  And until then, I'll be getting more anxious and giddy for Monday to be here.

Until then, my weekend will be filled with paper-writing.  I am continuing to research and starting to outline/write my cert paper (as a reminder, this is a huge paper that is a requirement for graduation - it has to be good enough to be published and will likely be revised and revised and revised dozens of times).  Actually, the topic may be interesting to some of my bloggers who are dog people.  I will be analyzing how breed-bans come about in certain cities, why they should not be allowed, and what would be better approaches for cities.  For example, Denver recently passed a law that disallows anybody from owning or transporting 6 breeds that are considered "pit bulls".  If you already own a so-called pit bull, then you can keep it, but from now on you can adopt a pet that is a pit-bull.  What's worse is that if any dog LOOKS like a pit-bull, you may not adopt it.  This means that you cannot adopt a pit-bull, or a dog that resembles a pit-bull from outside the city and then bring it into the city.  I think such laws do horrible things for breeds and create a stigma that will have detrimental effects for pit-bull type breeds.  I also think that this stigma that all pit-bulls are scary or dangerous will confirm what dog-fighters think and do to these innocent animals.  Anyways - I am sure I will be learning a lot more about these types of issues across the country through my research!  Any thoughts on this?

Have a fantastic weekend!  And if you haven't voted up there in the right hand corner of the blog, please do before Monday :)


  1. WOW! Your cert paper sounds really awesome. Good for you! I would love to read it sometime :) I work with a few different dog rescues in the Denver area and last year we were really close to adopting a pit from Colorado Pitbull Rescue. But, we decided against it because we do spend a lot of time within city & county of Denver and wouldn't want to compromise her safety. The ban is strictly bullshit and has been absolutely heartwrenching to watch. It has done zero good for our city. I could go on and on, but as someone that works actively in dog rescue I can say that it has done way more harm than good. Sigh.....

  2. I spent the last half of my pregnancy staring at my bare belly. So exciting!!!

  3. Banana - I would LOVE to hear more from you about Denver! Do you know if dog bites have decreased as a result? I may try to track you down to get more info!

    Nanette - Seriously, every night I cannot stop staring - normally to see absolutely nothing ha. I love hearing all of your pregnancy stories.


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