Friday, February 5, 2010


Well, Baltimore is supposed to be getting an enormous amount of snow this weekend - some are saying anywhere from 18-26 inches, some are saying up to 40 inches (I think these people might be exaggerating just a little).  Either way, we're in for a weekend at home.  As much as I love when it snows, I hate that Marylanders freak out and feel they need to have every item from the grocery store, as if they're preparing to be stuck in homes for over a week.  Especially in Baltimore City - we won't be stuck for a week!  I think we'll be good by Monday.  Do I need to go and buy toilet paper to last me 6 months, and 6 gallons of milk?  YES! IT'S GOING TO SNOW - WE NEED TO PREPARE TO BUNKER DOWN. The sad thing is, I do need to get toilet paper because we're kind of cutting it close.  I am not looking forward to standing in line for hours - so I'm hoping I can wait until most people will be back home (once it really starts snowing today) and it'll be less crowded.

The professor who cancelled class on Wednesday cancelled class today too!  I love this guy.  Any form of snow that is expected to stick scares him so much that he cancels class.  He's this adorable old little man (probably about 75-80 years old), who also happens to be a fantastic professor.  I wonder if he is prepared to cancel next Wednesday's class too considering we're supposed to get more snow on Tuesday night??  We'll see!

So on my agenda today is to get work done and go to my dentist appointment today.  I HATE the dentist.  I'm trying out a new dentist because, well this is embarrassing, but I haven't been to the dentist since we moved to Baltimore - in 1.5 years.  Ew.  I made an appointment for Ian today as well - he hates the dentist more than I do and I'm not going to even admit how long it's been since he's been.

We'll be bunkering down (that phrase sends me into giggles!!) (with clean teeth!!) watching the beautiful snow fall.  Ian will be busy doing things around the house - cleaning out areas so we can make room for all of the new stuff we'll soon be accumulating for baby.  I'll be reading. And reading. And reading. 

Happy weekend!


  1. I made Jon go get our "survival" kit last nite - Beer, wine, cards, more beer :) Dance party at our house!

  2. Have a fabulous weekend at home!:) It's crazy that Baltimore/DC has had more snow this year then us!!

  3. I'm excited to be snowed in! We have lots of DVRed shows and movies to watch.

    However, I may get a little cabin fever so I could be trekking over to your house just to say hi. :-)


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