Thursday, February 4, 2010

Miguel's Cocina y Cantina

I've had so much to write about this week that I never discussed what we did over the weekend.  We tried out a new restaurant in Locust Point.  We had a reservation but still waited over 50 minutes for a table.  I was hungry and desperately needed food.  I finally unleashed my pregnancy hormones on them and miraculously we were seated immediately afterwards.  The poor hostess - it totally wasn't her fault - it was her stinking manager's fault because he wasn't letting her seat anyone else.  Obviously, this place needs to work some stuff out.  I asked to speak to the manager and the hostess checked and said he didn't have time.  That's when I lost it.  It's not like I could stand with a drink to give me something to do while we waited - I had to just sit there, annoyed, and hungry.  Our server was great and recommended I try a sangria soda which is non-alcoholic.  It was YUMMY!  I definitely will try that drink again at mexican restaurants.  The food is more authentic mexican and we found it to be okay.  I wasn't in love with it, but I think it may have had more to do with what we ordered than the food itself.  So, I'd give this place a C+ at this point.  We'll probably wait another couple months while they get themselves organized before we try it again. 

Oh, and we sat a few tables away from Baltimore's new mayor (who also had to wait, but even longer than we did).  Ian thought this was huge news and proceeded to mention it over and over again throughout the meal. Dork.

And - it snowed - YAY!

We took little miss Tessa out and she played for about 1/2 hour before she got cold and wanted to walk back home.  Here she is looking super adorable - she rests her head on the couch and looks up at Ian when she wants to come up on the couch.  She must be invited before she can come up.

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  1. Bad service is the worst! Even when the food is great, it just puts a damper on the whole experience.


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