Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving Recipes

I normally bring just an appetizer to Maggie's for Thanksgiving.  But this year, I brought an appetizer (these Gouda Balls), homemade cranberry sauce, and the green bean casserole.  I was at whole foods and saw beautiful cranberries, and decided to buy some to try to make homemade cranberry sauce.  I found this recipe and decided to try a batch to see if I liked it.

Umm - YUMMY!  I will never buy cranberry sauce in a can again.  The recipe provided a sauce that is fresh, a bit tart but sweet at the same time.  And even better - it's super quick to make, and can be made ahead of time.


  1. I love the canned cranberry sauce! Whenever I've had homemade cranberry sauce or nicer store bought versions I don't like them as much. I'm just not a gourmet when it comes to cranberry sauce!

  2. I agree with Kate, homemade cranberry is kickass:)


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