Monday, November 30, 2009

I did it!

I posted every single day for the month of November.  They weren't all fun or exciting, but I did it.  Now that it's over, I may go on a little hiatus because this girl needs to focus on exams. 

But right now, I need your advice.  During our upcoming trip to England, Ian and I are taking a day/night away from his family for a little us time in London.  When I went to London 6 years ago, I stayed in an apartment so this time around I have no idea what hotel to stay in! 

If any of my readers have been there or live there and can recommend a nice hotel, please leave me a comment!


  1. I went to London after my high school graduation but I have no idea what hotel I stayed in.

    Congrats on posting every day in November. That is impressive!

  2. We stayed at a hotel called Threadneedles in the financial district and it was amazing. A splurge but such a neat experience. Cheaper on the weekends because geared towards business people. Have fun.


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