Sunday, December 13, 2009

With a little bit of luck

I have exams tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday.  I remember the days in college when it wasn't unheard of to have two exams in a day.  But in law school, having three in three days is a really horrible thing.  In fact, you shouldn't have more than 1 in a 24 hour period, and only have exams two days in a row.  Normally, you'd switch the exam times of one of your exams if you found yourself in my situation.  But they only allow you to push your exam time back in days.  And since we leave on Thursday, I really couldn't push one of my exams back.  So I sucked it up and starting preparing a little earlier.

But no matter how early I start planning, I get a major case of anxiety.  I do not feel ready.  There is always something more I could be doing to prepare.  Time just simply runs out.

I worked a lot last week, and all weekend (just now taking a break to write here).  I'm sleepy, but making sure to get lots of rest.  I'm going to need it.  I'm praying that with all of that studying, and maybe a little luck on my side, I'll get through the next few days.  But not just get through them, do well getting through them.  A girl can hope, right?

P.S. - this also means I most likely will not post until Wednesday after I'm officially all finished.

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