Thursday, November 5, 2009

Opposite Schedules

In the beginning of the hubby's marathon training, it was summer time, I wasn't in school, and was working full time.  His training really didn't impact our lives very much.  But recently, I've been not-so-secretly being grateful that his marathon training is almost over.  Because, quite honestly, it has taken over our lives.

Friday nights are pretty much dead for us because he has his long runs on Saturday mornings.  And Saturdays are pretty much dead for us because he runs for most of the morning and then in the afternoon he does not want to go do things.  This also leads to him being exhausted early on, which means we really don't go out with friends for very long on Saturday nights.

And I have been very supportive (at least I think I have).  Every Saturday run, I make sure to check on him at least once while he's out running, and Tessa and I even meet him (even in the rain) for the last portion of his run.  And I encourage him to cross train on Sundays even when he doesn't feel like it, because I want him to be healthy and follow his training.

But as his training has increased, I've started back to school and we have ended up with totally different schedules.  I don't have classes until late in the day, and some days I don't make it home until after 9.  He's up and out running by 6 or 6:30 most mornings. I'm sound asleep until slightly before he leaves for work, or am getting up as he leaves for work (anywhere between 7:45 and 8:30).  And he's ready for bed at like 9 or 10, while I'm up past 12 most nights. 

This leads me to really be ready for him to be finished.  I never see him, and when I do, he's freaking exhausted from all the running (understandably).  And it makes me CRANKY.  I don't know why, but I hate going to sleep at different times.  Hate. it.  I don't want this to sound like I'm being selfish and wish he wasn't doing this.  Because that's not it all.  I am incredibly proud that he has this huge goal and he is pushing through to accomplish it.  But, I miss my hubby.

So I'm happy to report that in just over 2 weeks, we'll be in Philadelphia cheering him on, and celebrating.  Celebrating because of the huge accomplishment, and celebrating because now this huge goal is off his plate, and our lives can return to normal.  Whatever "normal" is!


  1. You do not sound selfish at all! It sounds like you have been really supportive of his training. I'm glad things will be going back to "normal" for you soon!

  2. Hopefully he doesn't become addicted to marathons! :-)

  3. Carrie - I'm glad it doesn't sound that way!

    Kim - SERIOUSLY! I think if anything, he'll become addicted to 1/2 marathons - but not full ones.

  4. I hate going to bed at different times too! Hahaha - and there is no reasonable explaination either :)


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