Friday, November 6, 2009

Posts in Draft

I wrote a post recently, and I'm debating whether to post it.  Ever had that happen? 

You see, it's normally a not-talked-about topic, because it's personal and can cause lots of heated discussions.  Before I post it (if I post it), I want to make sure it's just right, so that nobody is offended and it still gets across my point.  I was hoping that I'd be able to post it today, but I still haven't made up my mind on it. 

So it's sitting there, as a draft.  I guess you'll see over the weekend or next week whether it makes it up there. 

Do you have many posts that are sitting in drafts?  I only have a few in addition to this one.  They're in drafts for a few reasons: 1. I was never able to finish the post.  2. I had to take down a previously posted post because it caused some issues with my family.  3.  It's no longer relevant.

Now, I'm off to do work, go to the gym, and run some errands.  Somewhere in there, I need to decide and edit the questionable post.  Happy Friday!


  1. Yup, I've had this happen to me before. My view is that this is YOUR blog, so the contents should essentially be what YOU are thinking about. If it offends people, oh well.

    I used to worry about coming off as a whiner - then I stopped. I'll write about happy things when things are happy, and crappy things when things are crappy! Isn't that the point?

  2. I agree with Ally. It's your blog and you created it for yourself, not for anyone else. It will probably feel good for you to share about it and get it out. :)

  3. Stacy, Ally and Carrie - I am editing it and trying to find a good time to post it. Thanks for the encouragement!


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