Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The night from hell

I really hate that yesterday's post seemed like a rant.  And I hate even more that today's post most certainly will be a rant.

I am so fed up with my car.  We truly have a love-hate relationship.  I really love my car.  It's a 2000 and has almost 100,000 miles on it.  Don't judge - but I have a knickname for my car AND call it a her/she.  The knickname is Big Black.  It sounds horrible, but it's really because my car is the color black, and she's big, and also because I love Big from Rob and Big on MTV.  They don't make my car anymore, so I love her that much more. 

But nights like last night really make me hate her.  Last night, I went to the gym to do cardio and pilates.  I parallel parked in about the exact same spot where the last mishap occurred.  I came out from the gym and put my key in the ignition and my car coughed but never turned over.  Poop.  I try a couple more times, with no luck.

I call Ian and sit on the curb waiting for him to come and help me.  The hood to my car was up and I had the jumper cables out and ready to go for when he got there.  Out of over 50 people who passed by, drove by (and asked if I was leaving so they could have my spot), only one couple stopped and asked if I needed a phone or help.  And when I thanked them and said it was my battery and that my hubby was on his way, they apologized for not having their car there, otherwise they would've just helped jump start it with me.  I hope good karma comes back around to those two good people.  They even asked if I wanted them to wait with me.  I thanked them but knew I was alright to wait by myself.

Ian got there and sure enough, the car still wouldn't start even with the jumper cables.  Double poop.  I quickly get on the phone with AAA and arrange for a tow truck to come and get her.

We had to follow the tow truck to where we wanted her dropped off - which means we weren't home until 10:30.  And I was HUNGRY.

So yeah.  That was my night.  Along with officially losing this week in my fantasy league.  Triple poop.  Now, I'm just waiting to hear from the hubby as to what's wrong with Big Black.


  1. I'm so sorry! Having car trouble is the worst. Especially when you are by yourself. I have been there. I hope the problem with your car isn't too serious!

  2. Carrie - Car trouble is so annoying right! Thanks - I am hoping all is okay too.


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