Friday, November 20, 2009

Late Twenties

At 2am this morning, I officially entered my late 20's - I turned 27.  It's hard to believe how quickly time seems to pass us by.

But I'm loving every minute of this birthday.

Last night, my law school friends had me over and we all ate indian takeout.  Then they surprised me with a cake, candles and singing happy birthday.  They have truly been one of the best things about my law school experience - they are amazing people.

Then, I got home from dinner and Ian wouldn't let me go upstairs.  I waited rather impatiently and then he came downstairs.  I asked for my present and he obliged!  I am incredibly spoiled by the hubs.  He got me this:

We had been looking for a nicer camera recently.  And what perfect timing - right before our big trip to England in a month.  So we've been testing it out - lots of pictures of Tessa thus far.

Today, we went to Clementine for breakfast.  I had heard good things and been wanting to check it out.  We both loved our meals and the old time feel of the place.  And even better - it was inexpensive!  We'll definitely be heading back there to check it out for lunch or dinner sometime soon.

Then - he surprised me.  He did something I didn't think he would ever do.  He bought two tickets (in advance) to New Moon for us to see it at 12:30 today.  I, of course, was ecstatic, but I think this definitely falls into the sacrifice category for him.  We saw it - with all the other Twilight nerds - and loved it.

I am one lucky girl.

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  1. Sound like a great birthday. Happy 27th! I'll be entering the "late twenties" in just a few months as well.


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