Thursday, October 29, 2009

Social Networks: Friend or Foe

I belong to facebook, along with just about everyone I know.  I love certain things about facebook.  Being able to see pictures of my closest friends most recent outings and festivities makes me feel like I can keep up with people who don't live closeby.  Also, I can catch up with old friends and see how they're doing.  Also, on occasion, I can stalk people just to see what they're doing.

But then, recently, there's been a downside to it.  There are plenty of people who I really don't want to catch up with, or people I do not want to see my photos or what I'm doing in my life.  Also, professors are now on facebook.  Even my mom and mother-in-law are on facebook. 

And do you get random friend requests from people?  I do, and then I have to sit and search the person's profile to figure out how the hell they got to me.  Do we have mutual friends? Do I recognize the person in pictures? Do I know the bf/gf/wife/husband/fiance of the person? Has the person changed her name and I'm just not recognizing him/her?  ANNOYING!

And then there are friend requests from blasts from the past who I REALLY do not want to accept.  But am I so mean so as to reject them?  I certainly have realized when a person hasn't accepted my friend request.  And it's amazing how something so stupid can send me into a roll of questioning: what did I do, why don't they want to be friends with me.

And what is up with the friend suggestions?  Hello, doesn't FB realize that most of the people suggested either I have no freaking clue who they are, or I am purposely not friends with?

Well one recent friend suggestion has gotten to me big time.  We have mutual friends.  But I do not care to even allow this person to know I am on facebook.  Luckily in privacy settings, you can block people from even searching your name, which I will do today.  But now, I do not even want to comment on the wall/photo of any of our mutual friends.  Ahh, the joys and pitfalls of social networks - it makes it far too easy for people to find you when the last thing you want is for that person to be able to do so.  Sometimes, I just want to hide everything on there and go on a hiatus from it.


  1. Ha! I share all of those feelings. I'm especially more guarded since I link my blog to my FB page.

    I've gotten some very random friend requests from people who I just share a few mutual friends with but don't know. When did that become an acceptable friend connection?

    And I totally share those thoughts on "suggested friends". Hello, FB? I'm not friending them for a reason (and they probably feel the same about me)!

    However, I do love FB stalking. The downside, however, is that I feel that I've stopped talking to friends because I already know what they're up to thanks to their status updates!

  2. Isn't it funny to think of the days when facebook was ONLY open to college students?? What would it be like today if that were still the case? I have to admit, it creeps me out when I see folks from the babyboomer generation on FB... it just doesn't seem right.

  3. Kim and Annie - I totally agree. I remember joining it in college and the network was so much smaller. It was actually kind of nice in a way.


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