Friday, October 30, 2009

Oops - that wasn't supposed to happen

I completely forgot (probably on purpose) to tell you what happened in pilates class on Monday.  The room was pretty full.  I put my mats down and then got this ring contraption that we use, along with a little ball we use.  I start stretching.  Then the instructor comes in and tells us to start out standing up with the ring contraption.  We start stretching using this, and soon she asks us to slowly bend over while pushing on this ring.  As I was going down and pushing, it happened.  I farted.  Outloud.  I quickly pretended like the ring had gotten stuck on the floor.  Luckily, it was while everyone was putting the ring on the floor, so I'm thinking it just blended in.  But I was SO worried the rest of the class so I didn't put my full effort into that class.  And it did make me feel better that I think the pregnant lady in the class farted outloud as well.  Although her excuse is much more understandable - she's carrying a human inside of her.  Anyways - I was happy that the girls I normally know in pilates were not there this week - how embarrassing!

I had a girls night last night with law school ladies and had a blast.  Today, I am busy doing work and then need to cook some pasta dinner for Ian.  He needs the carbs for his 20 mile run tomorrow.  Then, when he gets home, we're pumpkin carving!  We've never done this together, and I'm not sure if he has ever done this at all (you know, the whole not growing up in the U.S. means he's not used to these traditions).  I will be sure to take some pictures.

Saturday we are spending halloween the way we did last year - Ian gets takeout while I sit on our front steps with candy for the kids, glass of wine for me.  I just love seeing all the kiddies in their cute costumes. 

Also, this weekend marks the start of National Blog Posting Month.  And for the first time, I am going to try to participate.  For you non-bloggers, NaBloPoMo means that I will be blogging every single day in November.  30 days, 30 posts.  This will be tough for me, because honestly, I'm not sure if I have 30 posts in 30 days worth to say.  But we'll see.  Let me know if any of you other bloggers are doing it this year!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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