Friday, April 17, 2009

Behind the Storm...

Out comes the sun! And as I was one crabby lady just a couple days ago - I really do think it had something to do with the rain. Now that it's sunny, I'm happy as can be! I really think we need to move some place warmer - the sun makes me so incredibly happy. It's perfect golf weather for me:) (yes I play golf - and absolutely love it - this is another blog post in itself I think).

How freakin' beautiful is it out there today?! I just ate my lunch in the courtyard at school after finishing my 2nd to last day of classes! WAHOOOOOOO!!! Sadly, I'm now sitting in the library, procrastinating by blogging instead of studying. Also, instead of reading this morning, I cleaned up my labels on my blogs - ummm that's gotten a little out of hand (I have way too many). I'm seriously getting the itch to be finished with school when I start doing tedious things like that!

I don't have big things to do this weekend - my one and only thing I have planned to do besides study is play kickball tomorrow. Big plans, clearly. What are you up to this weekend?

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