Friday, March 27, 2009


Wow I've been a slacker this week! I really don't have much interesting to report. It's been a busy week back to school and I have a paper due Wednesday so I've been working on that. Last night, one of my professors (who I think rocks!) went to happy hour with our class and paid for the first $100 worth of drinks. So that was fun.

I'm less than 5 weeks away from exams. So I've been meeting with my professors from last semester to review my exams - I'm doing anything I can to improve this semester.

Today I'll be enjoying wearing spring clothes and sitting outside after my one class. We have a kickball game tomorrow and then we're having a few people over from my law school for a cookout. I'm hoping the expected rain in our area doesn't happen to fall when we're trying to cook the food. Fingers crossed!

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