Monday, April 6, 2009

Iggies Pizza

UPDATE - I forgot to mention how amazingly inexpensive Iggies is - great quality food for less money!

Since it's lent season for any Catholics out there - we don't eat meat on Fridays (just during the weeks of lent). Typically, we resort to eating sushi since we can have fish. But Friday we just were up for something different. I'd read good things about this restaurant - but didn't prepare me for how much I'd truly like it.

Iggies Pizza is in Mount Vernon. It's BYOB (great way to save money!) which I love. It's so low-key and relaxed. The hostess will take your things and put them at a table for you while you wait in line to order. Then you go sit at your table and wait for your number to be called. It sounds a lot like Panera, or something similar - but there's something more upscale than that about it. And the pizza - amazing. Ian got the margherita, I got one with ricotta and arugula with lemon oil on it (my mouth is watering thinking about it). We split a caesar salad that was good as well. And then you finish off the meal with gelato. Truly delicious!

If you're in the Baltimore area, definitely check Iggies out!


  1. We will definitely have to check that place out. I love that it's BYOB.

  2. La Petite - You guys should definitely go when you move up here - so delicious!

    Kim - We need to plan a get together when we're finished with the semester!


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