Friday, August 8, 2008

Work Shmork

Since I've been back from our honeymoon, knowing that my time at my job was limited, I found myself on a daily basis slacking off. I'd surf the net, reading blogs far too much, checking out what the latest is on PerezHilton and chatting it up with coworkers. Well - all until Wednesday that is.

When I got back from Greece, it was crunch mode for finding a replacement. My boss, being in major denial that I was leaving so soon, wanted nothing to do with creating the job description, talking with HR, posting the position on our company's portal, reviewing resumes, interviewing and finally deciding on someone. She left this to me and another person. So I took care of most of it and finally chose someone.

Wednesday, my replacement started and I've been training her since then. No more surfing the net, reading blogs, posting on this blog, etc. I have a half day today which means that I have time to relax and unwind a bit after a very hectic 2.5 days. And while going through all of the crap on my desk to hand over, I realize just how much I should not have been slacking the past few weeks. I have a whole lot to do in the next week.

Up until now, I had been mostly excited at the prospect of not working. But as I get closer, I realize that I'm sad to leave the familiarity - the people, the work, the lingo, the mundane schedule, the steady income, that I've had over the past 3 years. And wow - three years flies by.

So one week from today, I'll be leaving this familiar place that has helped me mature, become more professional and given me some fantastic friends and mentors. This is also the place that was my first real job and that I was at during a few big moments in my life - moving into my first place, moving in with a boyfriend for the first time, getting engaged and finally getting married.

I only hope the next place will be just as good to me as this one has been. But I think my first year of law school will be a little easier to walk away from than this!

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  1. As much as I may complain about work... I have to admit that I enjoy the interactions I have with people. I think it would feel weird to leave that. I've gotten so comfortable here (and that's not necessarily a good thing).


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