Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Jam Packed

I have been so busy at work that sadly I've been slacking on the blog. Quite frankly, I've been wondering what to do with this blog since I had started it to track the wedding planning process, and well, the wedding is over. So - do I continue? Do I stop? If I do continue, what should be the primary focus? Until I decide that, I guess I'll fill you in on my where-abouts.

This past weekend was spent packing. That's just about it really. However, as we prepare for the move, I realize that there are major differences between Ian and I when it comes to the idea of moving. You see, his idea of moving is, pack everything and move it to the next place. Mine is that we anally decide whether every item is needed, place it either in a box to go with us, in the pile for Good Will or one of those places, or the trash. Every pen, piece of paper, sock, pair of shoes, t-shirt, dress, shampoo, washcloth. You name it - I sit and debate it. In my own defense of my craziness, the last time I moved, because of how I pack, the movers left the place at 11am and I was fully unpacked and organized by 3pm. So, my packing system makes unpacking that much easier. I make sure that every item in a box goes together or belongs in the same area, mark where the box should be dropped off in the house, and mark what's in it. I have an issue - I know. But it's worth it! And we help the needy! And it feels good to get rid of unnecessary stuff!

But my craziness makes Ian, well, crazy. Especially when he is helping to pack (after much persuading from me) and I yell from across the room that the extra shower curtain does not go in the box with random items, but must go in a bathroom box. Poor guy. BUT! Again in my defense, he doesn't have off work on our move day, so I get to move us with the movers and unpack and everything while he's at work. So since I have to do it alone, I'm doing it my way.

Anyways - so we did pack. We also visited the new house again with Tessa. She was very excited and remembered which door is ours on the street. I'm a proud mama. Otherwise - our weekend was boring!

I can't wait to get settled, take some pictures, and have some more interesting topics to talk about.

Until then...

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  1. I am the same as you when I pack! I tape a list of the contents on each box and it really does make unpacking a breeze. Glad to see that there is someone else out there who is as anal as I am :)


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