Monday, August 4, 2008

Viva la Vida

Weekend Highlights:
  • Packed a ton on Saturday

  • We had a lovely time at Mark and Barbara's wedding. They had a lovely reception at National Museum of Women in the Arts. Instead of doing flowers as centerpieces, they had individual cakes for each table. I took quite a few pictures but haven't uploaded them yet. This is the first wedding we attended as a married couple and it felt much different going to this wedding than going to weddings before ours. I paid a lot of attention to details and although we compared certain details to ours, it's really hard to compare your own wedding to someone else's! They had a fun crowd that liked to dance. I was watching how much I drank specifically because we had a big Sunday planned. However, I knew the hubby had too much to drink as I see him on the dance floor (without me - this was already a clue) popping a leg out, grabbing his crotch and making some Michael Jackson-esque "woohoo" noises. It was right about then that I gathered my mom and the boy and decided it was time for us to leave. I'm hoping my mom managed to get Ian's moves on camera!

  • Sunday, Ian was quite hungover, so we got a late start heading up to our new house in Baltimore. We took Tessa with us to try to get her used to the house. We had to measure all of the rooms and measurements for blinds and curtains and whatnot. I wish I had taken my camera with me so I could show you how cute our pup was. Currently, we do not have stairs in our place. Well our new places has two staircases and she thinks it's a game specifically designed for her liking. Up then down, up then down, up then halfway down and leap off the rest of the stairs, up then down, and so on. After about 8 trips up and down, she went to the middle of the hardwood empty floors, sprawled out on her side, let her tongue hang out of her mouth onto the floor, and proceeded to pant herself to sleep. Now - if only I could figure out a way to allow this novelty to last, I would have a lot more free time instead of walking her for hours.
  • Afterwards, we headed back home where we got ready and went to a delicious dinner at Zengo. I am obsessed with the food here. If you haven't been, GO! We had a quick meal there and then headed to the Verizon Center with Juan and Lauren to see my fave, COLDPLAY! We had seen them once before in concert with my brother in NY and they rocked it out there. They certainly did not disappoint us here. They also played the song we used as our entrance into the reception and this made me jump in my seat and sing along outloud. It was awesome to see them with fellow huge fans. I happened to be able to get us box seats so we had a great view, private bathroom, and no need to stand with the sweaty crowd. I only wish I had remembered to bring my camera. I was able to snatch a few crappy photos on my phone's camera, especially ones of Chris and company coming up the stairs attached to our suite and singing about 15 feet from us. He's an amazing performer and I think I've developed a slight crush on him simply because of what a goober he is. I think seeing him more than once has officially begun my slight obsession - even though he was wearing a purple shirt with skinny pants.

How was your weekend?

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  1. I love Viva La Vida! I need to check out the rest of the COldplay album.

    As for my weekend... it felt very busy. I hate those kinds of weekends!


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