Thursday, June 12, 2008

Updated Forecast

I can now start obsessively checking the weather for our wedding day. So I looked it up according to the zip code of the ceremony location as well as the zip of the reception location.

Ceremony Location:
Isolated Thunderstorms
30% chance of rain
High: 84
Low: 64

Reception Location:
Partly Cloudy
20% change of rain
High: 86
Low: 69

Hmm - I think I'll hope for the reception location's weather to be right! And if the Ceremony Location is correct, then I'll just hope that it'll be clear for pictures outside and for me to be arriving and leaving. It can rain during the ceremony, earlier in the day, or after we've left!

Today my work is throwing me a lunch for getting married. We're going to a mexican restaurant nearby for margaritas and food! I am certainly going to miss these people when I leave here in a couple months.

Last night I got my nails done, went tanning and then picked songs with Ian. We picked the bridal party's entrance into the reception, our entrance, the bouquet toss, the garter removal/toss, cake and last song of the night. I would post them, but along with a ton of other things, I can't seem to remember anything these days. It's as if my brain has reached it's limit for memory and anything not already in there is just spilling out. Or sometimes the items exchange places - like at a bar, one out, one allowed in.

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  1. I obsessively checked the weather forecast for my wedding everyday for a month.

    I was bummed when it rained during the ceremony forcing everyone inside at the last minute.


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