Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Down to the Wire

As I'm sure you've either had experience with, or you can imagine, the week before the wedding is insanely busy! We did manage to accomplish some big projects this weekend while still having a night out with friends and dinner with Ian's family.
  • We finished the Out-of-town brochures for the out-of-town bags.
  • We finished designing the programs
  • Got programs printed at kinkos
  • The lovely Ms. Sarah came over last night to help us put the ribbons on the programs. They're all finished now!
  • Met with our awesome DJ, Ray from Chris Laich. We went over details and we're good to go
  • Finished writing cards to each bridesmaid
  • Wrapped my junior bridesmaid and flower girl presents
  • Got my hair highlighted
  • Sent in my deposit to UMD
  • Sent in withdrawal notices to other two law schools
  • Picked up our newly engraved wedding bands
  • Met with our music coordinator to finalize all music
  • My mom picked up my wedding dress yesterday (after much more drama with the bridal store)

Today is my last day at work so I'm super busy trying to finish things up, while really just wishing I could be home or out running last minute errands - anything but here. Mentally, I am just ready for the wedding to be here - or at least to not be at work!

Am I nervous - a little. More excitement I think. But I do wake up with butterflies just getting so excited for everyone to be together, to be able to wear my dress, and have lots of time with Ian to relax and just be together.

We also decided this weekend that we wanted to find a way for our pup to be brought to the Chapel after the ceremony for a couple of pictures. Tessa gets super excited when she sees us so we are worried about her putting a muddy paw on my dress. So, the only way it's going to work is a) if it's completely dry outside b) if the dogwalker brings a towel with her to wipe the paws (even if it is dry out) and c) have the dogwalker bring a white sheet with her to put over me for the pictures. It's still a bit risky - so we're having either my brother or Dad hold her as they can control her a lot better than the dogwalker or other friend. So I'm hoping for good weather so we can get a cute picture of our little family!

My current to-do list:

  • get fashion tape
  • get heel/shoe pads
  • get new engraved champagne glass
  • write 3 thank you notes
  • get outfit for rehearsal dinner
  • put fruit in OOT bags
  • buy champagne for car ride from chapel to reception
  • go to the bank
  • send out rent check
  • prepare tip envelopes
  • prepare last payments
  • drop off OOT bags and valet cards to the Westin on Thursday
  • buy more underwear for trip
  • buy tissue packets
  • download important reception songs
  • fax list of must-plays to DJ
  • bows for pews
  • print readings for readers

I'm pretty sure this list will grow throughout the week!

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  1. woohoo!!! you're really moving right along!

    Only a couple more days!!!


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