Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fitting Fiasco

I've been getting lots of questions about the law school decision. So here are some answers. I had been wait listed at U. Maryland about 2 months ago. Maryland was one of my top choices. I had been accepted at many schools, but U. Miami and American were two that stuck out. I was just about to make a decision between those two schools when on Friday, I received a call from Maryland asking if I was interested. I expressed my interest and asked when I might hear - 2 days, 2 weeks or 2 months - not knowing if they could even tell me. The woman's response - I would hear on Monday but that it looked very probably. All weekend long, I had my fingers crossed and my stomach was in knots. Monday, the "CONGRATULATIONS" envelope arrived to my mom's house and I received a phone call with the happy news!

My reasons for choosing Maryland over American or Miami: it's a new location (in downtown Baltimore) so we'll be able to move (which we wanted to do), it's cheaper than American (by about 1/2), and it's ranked better than either school. So there you have it!

We've started asking around for recommendations for a realtor in Baltimore. We don't have a ton of time on weekends to go look at places to rent (since we have the wedding and honeymoon!), so we're going to have a realtor start looking for us to save us a lot of time. If you know of a good Baltimore realtor, let us know!

Last night was my last fitting. I was accompanied by my mom and Bridget so they could learn how to help me with the dress (and a couple other specifics which I can't share because of the boy reading this). Well, I arranged to leave work early to be on time to my appointment. About 5 minutes from the bridal shop, I get a call from their alterations woman. She asks to reschedule for later in the evening. I was a little heated and said nope, that I was 5 minutes away and that she should've called much earlier in the day.

I get there, and am kept waiting for about 45 minutes. What was she doing - finishing the alterations on my dress that should've been completed LAST Wednesday when they had to cancel that appointment because the storms caused the power to go out. When she finally came out and asked for 10 more minutes, I blew up. The woman got married on Monday and said she wasn't feeling well during the day which is why it wasn't quite finished. I said - unacceptable and that I was unhappy as I had taken off work early to be there on time.

I finally put my dress on after she's finished, and right, it is still too big in a few areas! So after she pins them and shows my mom and Bridget some stuff, we wait more time for her to complete all of the alterations and I try it on one more time, and voila - it's finally right! So after all of that, it'll be steamed and ready for picking up on Monday. Yay! I am sooo excited to finally wear this sucker!

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