Thursday, April 3, 2008

Gay Chicken

I had dinner last night with one of my guy friends and he pulled up some videos on youtube called Gay Chicken. Have you heard of this??

It's essentially a game of chicken (as in two cars driving head on and whoever pulls off of the road first is the chicken), but in most of the videos it involves two guys (drunk I hope) leaning into kiss eachother. Sometimes they make contact, and they keep kissing until one finally stops.

Well I was partly intrigued and finding the game quite funny - but then thought, why would two people agree to do this? If you aren't gay, why would you want to play this game? I have no problem with gay people kissing, so I'm not trying to turn this into anything like that, but why would you want to play this game unless you are in fact gay?

Had anyone else heard of this?? Thoughts?

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