Friday, April 4, 2008


We originally were going to be giving out something little to guests as a favor. However, I've really been thinking about donating to a cause that is dear to our hearts - Washington Animal Rescue League is where we adopted our child:

That is her the day we brought her home. She is originally from New Orleans - her momma was pregnant with her during Hurricane Katrina. She kind of fell into our lives and we fell in love with her. She has certainly given us tons of challenges - she battled a non contagious form of mange when she was young, came home to us with kennel cough and worms, and still to this day has a serious case of separation anxiety (which she is medicated for). She has had some behavioral problems that have required us to seek the help of an amazing personal dog trainer.

Ian never had a dog growing up. I grew up with many dogs but had never adopted any of them. They were from breeders normally. Since adopting Tessa, Ian and I have vowed to try our best to adopt from shelters from now on.

Tessa has come so far from where she was when we adopted her. We've seen her blossom into a confident dog, extremely loyal, loving, and incredibly smart. She loves training and responds well to us.

WARL is a no-kill shelter. They take in animals from all over the country who they see can make improvements, be treated and eventually be placed into homes. Their facitilities are amazing. Tessa shared a cubby with another dog - not a crate, it's like a little private room with blankets and fresh water from a little fountain. The 2 times we visited her there before picking her up, we walked around the facility and noticed how clean it was.

I think this weekend we will decide to possibly donate to WARL instead of giving out a little something that most people will probably throw away. Maybe a little visit to the shelter will help make our decision!

And since I'm obsessed with our baby, here's a recent picture of her, all grown up and passed out:

The wrinkles kill me. And the following picture is the day after Ian proposed - reenacting the scene from the night before (see the ring around Tessa's neck?):

Movie Review:

Atonement: I know a lot of people were disappointed with this film. I liked all of it. I found it very intriguing!


  1. I think that's a great cause! I'm all for animal rescues.

    Be careful with going the donation favor route. I didn't realize this, but apparently some folks get VERY offended by it.

  2. REALLY! People get offended!? Personally, I love seeing that done instead of presents! I can't tell you what favors I have ever gotten, I don't even think I've ever brought one home to be honest - I think I had a cookie cutter once? But I can tell you every organization that people have donated to!

    If I ever got married - I would def give to Cole's group.

    I can't believe people get offended? I don't get it? They think they should get a present??? hahaha

  3. I know - its crazy!! I thought the same thing because I'd much rather people donate to a good cause instead of wasting it on something I'm going to throw away.

    Some people view it as you not giving a gift. So - you should claim you're giving them a gift and then donate it to something they have no say in the matter. I've seen some brides do a thing where they set up several organizations you can donate to and let the guests choose 1 of the 4.


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