Friday, April 18, 2008


Today is the 2nd day that I've been back in non-flat shoes (yay!). Well - I guess my feet are just not used to it. As I am walking gracefully back to my desk from the bathroom, the heel slips on the recently shined tiles and I go flying forward onto all fours. What makes matters worse, is that our building is 10 floors, and I'm on the top where all of the executives sit. As I'm in slow motion starting the fall, I hear "ding" come from the elevators (I fell directly in front of them) and immediately think "uh-oh, what executive is about to witness this?" I quickly get up and readjust myself and glance around to see one of the execs who has a confused look on his face and says "Ummm, are you alright". Secretly, I was thinking that my foot was killing me and I didn't know if I could walk (not my ankle - thank goodness - I think my foot just hit the tiles hard), but giggled as I assured him I was fine and then walked away in horrible pain.

Ahhh - onto less embarrassing topics. Last night, I picked up my veil from Maggie's, picked up the bridesmaid gifts that arrived, and went to the mall to buy earrings for the big day. I found some that I like and snatched them! Here they are:

I have a makeup trial tonight and then we're heading to dinner at Pasta Plus with Stacy and Jon. We haven't seen those two in AGES so I'm pretty excited to catch up over some fine italian food.

Tomorrow, I am getting my hair did - color, cut, and trial for the wedding day. Essentially the whole works! Then tomorrow night we are doing dinner with Sarah and Carlton!

Sunday, I am heading to brunch with Emily.

Lots of plans this weekend with friends and wedding pampering! Also, trying to complete one of our projects this weekend - we'll see if we're able to fit that in!


  1. holy smokes those are gorgeous! Are they heavy!!??

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