Thursday, April 17, 2008


Sometimes, getting a little overwhelmed can motivate me. I was a total stress ball yesterday freaking out about everything that needs to be done and all the details. I keep looking at my list of to-dos and it's stressing me out. It's all I can think about.

I decided yesterday that the stress is inevitable. So what can I do about it? Well I can either sit and worry and stress, or I can use it to motivate myself to get things done now.

I decided to delegate a project to Ian. I put him in charge of the out-of-town bags. I wrote him a nice email asking him if he'd be up for the challenge, but that agreeing to do it means he is taking it on 100% - no questions for me, no asking me to do the research, none of it. He is up for the challenge and I love him dearly for it. I even emailed him a list of a few people who recently had weddings who I'm sure would be willing to give him the information he needs (eh-hem, what they even are since he doesn't know). So Kim, Bridget and my friend Julie from work might all be getting emails or calls from him for help.

Last night, I was boyless. I took advantage of the situation and got chinese food, then put myself to work. I did a quick version of the program, wrote our intentions, picked our vows, picked most of the parts of the mass, some of the music. It was fantastic to get some of that done.

Today, I ordered some Hanky Panky panties (and I realize having just used that word aged me by about 50 years) to try out before the big day to see if they might be what I want to wear.

I also called and made my nail and pedicure appointments for the weeks leading up to the wedding. I will get acrylics put on a few days before the shower, and then just get fills up until the day.

Next on my list - call and make appointment for a massage 1 week before the wedding. I have a gift certificate for one from my birthday and I've been saving it specifically for this purpose.

Tonight I am picking up my veil from Maggie's house because I need it for my trial tomorrow. Then I am picking up the rest of the bridesmaids gifts (I had to order them and they just came in).

I'm starting to think of my something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. I have my something new, something blue, but am missing my something old and borrowed. Hmm - I'm a little stumped on those. I know a lot of people wear something from their families but I am not sure my family has anything that would work for me. Did you follow those traditions? I just added that to my list of to-dos - to figure out what I'm borrowing what is my something old!

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  1. I will gladly offer help or answer questions. :-)

    As for my somethings...

    Something old - I pinned a brooch that was passed down to me from my grandmother to my bouquet. She had it professionally framed but since she passed away 2 years ago, it meant a lot to me to carry it with me so I tore it out of the frame. I regret not making it a point to get the photographer to take a picture of it. :-(

    Something new - my dress, my shoes, my necklace... all new.

    Something borrowed - my earrings were borrowed from a friend.

    Something blue - my toenails and my undies!


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