Monday, April 21, 2008

Picture Post

Two months from today!! Holy Crapola we have a lot to get done!!

Since it's a rainy Monday, I decided lots of pictures are in order for today's post.

Friday evening, I had a makeup trial with Sairra Lax at her home. She was super nice and sat with me for about 10 minutes prior to even touching my face to chat and ask questions so that she could get an idea of what I am looking for on the wedding day. My skin tone looked very natural and she added some "oomph" where I wanted some - the eyes. I think she did a pretty good job and with a couple adjustments, think I will be very happy on the day of. Here's the picture:

Later that night, we met Stacy and Jon for dinner in Laurel at Pasta Plus. The food was great and the company even greater. Here's a group shot:

We played a little bit of emotives: You're getting married tomorrow:
Saturday, I woke up and headed to my hair salon (Perez Salon and Day Spa) to meet with Michael. After getting a cut, highlights, deep conditioning treatment, he did a trial run for the big day. This was just to get an idea of what we're doing - so obviously on the day of, it will be much more clean and not as sloppy.

Picture of the front: the poofiness at the top will be higher and even:

We then headed to dinner at Mia's Pizza in Bethesda with Sarah and Carlton. Here is a picture of the four of us:

Yesterday was a super rainy day, but I met up with Emily in Tyson's for brunch. I haven't seen her in ages and I was excited to hear all about her trip to Kenya!

Afterwards, Ian and I ran errands and worked on wedding stuff at home. Here's a list of the progress we made:

  • Bought Guest Book
  • Wrapped Bridesmaid Gifts
  • Designed and Printed Table Numbers
Things I hope/plan to accomplish this week:

  • Meeting with our priest Tuesday evening
  • Finish designing menu cards
  • Begin printing menu cards
  • Purchase postage for invitations
  • If invitations arrive, assemble them and send them out
  • Design favor cards
  • Sign makeup contract
  • Buy (cheap) frames for Table Numbers

It's a long list - but I'm feeling motivated and optimistic!


  1. oooo I LOVE the color!!! Looks like you got TONS accomplished this weekend!

    We had so much fun! We can't let that much time go by again :)

    And happy two months countdown!!!

  2. i love getting my makeup done by professionals! it looks great :)


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