Monday, March 31, 2008


Our trip to Miami was for the most part very fun! I have a ton of pictures to post but left the camera with the most pictures on it at home so I'll post those tomorrow. Here are some of the highlights and lowlights of our trip:
  • It is the end of March and it was 84 degrees! I could get used to that kind of weather. We were walking around the entire time in skirts and tanks and shorts. It was amazing!!
  • The law school building is very nice - it's got a courtyard in the center with a fountain and palm trees. The hallways are outside so in between classes you're in the beautiful weather. The classrooms were nice and the library was great.
  • The schools offers tons of public interest programs and an array of clinics that aren't available in less diverse cities. The experience I could get here working with the Latin community is something I couldn't get everywhere.
  • Not a highlight or a lowlight - just an interesting fact is that 80% of the people's first language is Spanish in Miami.
  • The drive down to Miami was painless. We slept in NC on Wed. night and were in Miami by 7:30 Thurs. night.
  • When we got to the hotel - I proceeded to hold our dear GPS out the window to get reception to see how far away the restaurant was and dropped it onto the roof. After a visit from security and the engineer for them to help us get it, they were unsuccessful. I put my thinking cap on and came up with a plan: attach dry cleaning plastic bag to hanger, make Ian lean out the window and hold it to the roof (the roof wasn't too far down but the window couldn't open more than 6 inches) while I reach out with another hanger and scoop it into the bag. While it took awhile, our amazing team work paid off and we have our dear GPS who we have fondly named Wilma because of this trip. She talked to us the entire time she was on the roof. She's a little beaten up now, but she works just fine. She's a fighter. Don't ask why "Wilma" is her name - it just sounded right.
  • We had two delicious dinners at Cafe Tu Tu Tango and Jaguar Spot in Coconut Grove. Both had some cuban flare to them and the food was tasty!
  • We have two different realtor contacts in Miami to help us with housing should we move there.
  • The areas surrounding the school where we might live are so nice.
  • The areas surrounding the school where we might live are expensive - more expensive than we were thinking we'd pay for rent.
  • Coconut Grove is dog friendly!
  • The drive home was AWFUL! We left at 1:30pm on Saturday and drove straight through and got home at 7:30am Sunday. What should've taken 13 hours ended up taking 16 hours because of all the crazy traffic (aka crazy soccer moms and dads driving like maniacs with their kids in the car). It was miserable!
  • The weather: 84 degrees. I think this counts as two bullet points because it is THAT amazing.

We slept from 7:30am yesterday until 2pm. We then did a speedy grocery trip, unpacked, did laundry and were asleep by 10:30 last night. I'm drinking coffee like it's my job people.

We have to make a decision pretty soon whether we are moving to Miami! I will keep you updated. We are taking our time to reflect on our experience there and take it all in. Crazy!

Here is a little preview of the hilarious times my future hubby provided on our trip (and by the way - he'll kill me for putting this up on here). The song (if you can hear it) that is playing in the background is basically our theme song from our time in Miami as it was played non-stop on the radio.

Like his moves?


  1. Is Ian going to bust out those moves at the wedding??

  2. You bet he will - I will make him!


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