Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I'm brushing up on my espanol for our trip to Miami - ha! Ian and I both studied abroad in Spain and although we both were spanish majors, we've lost a lot of our ability to speak the language. If we move to Miami, we both need to brush up on our Spanish - he'll need to for his job and I'll need to in order to get internships and whatnot.
Anyways - Movies (Peliculas):
  • I am Legend: Totally disappointed with this movie. I'm a big weenie when it comes to these types of movies - I actually had nightmares about the monsters in this movie. I was impressed with Will Smith's acting, saddened by a few parts in the movie and disappointed with the story line and ending. I'd be interested to read the book to see how the movie was changed.
  • Enchanted: It was also kind of blah. It was just over the top cheesy which normally I would be okay with, but it was just a little too sugary sweet for me.

We're expecting to receive American Gangster and Michael Clayton today, just in time to take on our road trip! Not sure if we'll really have time to be watching movies but we'll take them anyways. I think we'll be too busy sitting in the sun here:

Wedding related news: I finished putting together the guest list for my shower and am sending that to my matron of honor today. I sent the directions for the card in our invitations to our invitation lady last night - just need to send her the final guest list and then we're ready to go. Nothing that exciting going on related to the wedding at the moment. Oh well - in due time there will be!

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