Friday, February 22, 2008

This is why I hired a coodinator

I am happy it's FRIDAY! I'm sorry the past couple posts have been so down. Let's get back on a high note.

I have to first tell you that late Wednesday night I got an email from my fantastic coordinators. They read my blog and saw what a bad day I'd had and wanted to check in to offer some suggestions. THEY ROCK! I immediately turned to Ian and said "see- that's why I hired them!".

Despite a certain company bailing on me, I think we have found a videographer that we'll go with. I'm working on the contract now and then fingers crossed that task can be off my list once again!

Last night, I met Annie in Friendship Heights for a little browsing for wedding shoes (and a little browsing for other shoes as well ha). Didn't have much luck but at least we started the process, and I was in much need of some girl time. It was perfect!

I think we're moving forward with everything as planned and I'm hoping the next four months will go smoothly with the fam.

Tomorrow I think we'll visit one more jeweler to look at rings and then we need to decide which one we're going with and order them. Tomorrow night we are driving up to Baltimore to celebrate Lisa's 25th birthday. Otherwise, I am happy to say we do not have a busy weekend! I think we'll try to plan our ceremony this weekend and start putting together some ideas for table numbers and holders.

Have a great weekend!

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