Monday, February 25, 2008


I'm all over the place today. I have to bullet it up to make this mish-mosh have some sense.

Movie Review:

  • Simpsons movie: Prior to watching this movie, I had never watched an entire Simpsons episode. I know, something must be wrong with me, I was deprived, whatever. Because of this, I really wanted to watch the entire movie so I could understand what it's all about. Well, I fell asleep about 15 minute before the movie was over and when I woke up the next morning, Ian had already sealed the movie back up to ship it. Jerk! I couldn't believe it. He just assumed I didn't want to see the rest since I had fallen asleep. Actually, it's because we're wedding planning and I'm running around like a crazy woman getting everything done - I'm tired, I can't help but fall asleep sometimes. Anyways, from the part I did see, I liked it.
  • The Talented Mr. Ripley: I have always heard that this is a great movie. Well it was! It was disturbing, intriguing and entertaining all in one. Certainly worthwhile to see. And Jude is a hottie in this movie!

Weekend Highlights:

  • Went to the eye doctor for a screening for glaucoma (my grandma had it which makes me a suspect) and my eyes are perfectly fine.
  • Selected our readings for the ceremony and selected our music for the bridesmaids entrance, my entrance, and our exit.
  • My future hubby showed his support of my health kick by ordering me these new running shoes!! I love shoes - even running shoes. They make me happy.
  • Celebrated Lisa's 25th birthday in Baltimore. Here's a picture of a few of us with the birthday girl - today is her big day so Happy Birthday Lis! We have plenty of stories behind our night out, including a stripper (who you'd never in a million years suspect to be) was in line in front of us pulling her pants down to show everyone her new tattoo on her cheek that says "Made in Korea", or the girl in line that asked a girl in our group to unbutton her jacket so she could see her boobs, ahhhh the class of power plant bars. A guy actually asked his girlfriend to marry him on stage at Howl at the Moon. It was quite a night!

  • Ian bought his groomsmen their gifts and I have to say the idea is quite fun.
  • I bought my bridesmaids part of their gifts. I still have one more thing to get each of them.

Speaking of ceremony music, I'm having issues figuring out the regular music for the ceremony. If you are Catholic and know of songs or have had to do this, recommend some for different parts of the ceremony! We already have my entrance song, our exit song, and some songs for the bridesmaids entrance and prior to the ceremony music (for when people are just walking in). It's a Catholic mass but somehow when it came time to picking out music, I can't even remember all the different parts of the mass where I'll need music. And are there guidelines to the music I pick?

And in order to not jinx myself, I will not name the videographer that I just sent a check to. I don't want to hear that we've been dropped again so I'll just wait to tell you about it once we receive confirmation.

I'm crossing more and more off our list which means I'm starting the week off as one happy lady.


  1. i need my roots touched up :)

    you also forgot to mention TOny the stripper ;)

  2. I have to disagree with you about The Talented Mr Ripley. I saw it in the theatre and HATED it despite my love of Jude Law.


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