Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bad Day

It's been a bad day. Work is killing me at the moment. Additionally, we had a bad wedding day. I called the hotel to schedule our tasting with our hotel coordinator and to my surprise, she has resigned. I went into panick mode and now they have someone filling in for her. You have to understand that when you mention The Westin Grand, all vendors know of Rachel and how she makes the weddings amazing. She runs the show and is awesome. I have my fingers crossed that all will go well without her, and with the new person. I just question someone who hasn't been in the position and doesn't have the experience as Rachel did.

2nd bad piece of news - our videographer, Well Spun Weddings cancelled on us, and instead of calling to let me know, emailed us instead. They explained that another client who had inquired into their services months ago and they hadn't heard anything from sent a contract the same time as me. I AM FURIOUS with this company. I emailed this company on February 11th asking for the contract and saying we're moving forward with your company- hooray. I signed and sent the contract out THAT DAY to ensure I wouldn't run into any competition. I just spoke with them and honestly their excuses are lame. They said that even though I had emailed and sent my check in, that they had to drop my wedding because this other client had inquired into their services before me. WHAT?! I'm sorry - I do believe that whoever confirms your services should be kept, not the one that didn't get back to you for months and sent it at the exact time as I did. In addition, they received my contract and check over a week ago. If they are a supposed courteous company, they shouldn't have sat on their asses for a week wasting MY time. I hope they are one of the vendors who search their names and come to my blog - stupid assholes.

And for those of you who have never read this blog - I don't believe I've ever cursed on here. It just goes to show you how pissed I am. And to anyone thinking of hiring this company, think otherwise as they are not reliable and not an honest company. I honestly think they may have chosen the other client over us because they were paying more. Not sure - but either way, I am glad we're not going to have to work with such fuckers.

Back to looking for videographers:(


  1. Soo... while I think its shitty of that company to have accepted your contract and check, I do understand that most vendors will give preference to the person that contacts them first for a specific date.

    with that said, once you inquired with them for your date - it was their job to contact the other people and let them know of your interest so they could get a definitive answer from the other group.

    But that sucks! sorry to hear that.

  2. you should talk to Lisa T. and see if she could recommend the videographer they used at their wedding. I'm fairly certain that she and Marshall really like the company they went with.

  3. Just came across your blog. I am a westin grand bride, too! So sad that Rachael resigned!

  4. Anonymous - Did you love the Westin Grand?? I hope so:)


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