Monday, February 11, 2008

The Groomsmen

We watched The Groomsmen on Friday night after sushi. It was not rated that well but sounded somewhat interesting to me. I gave it a 3-stars on Netflix. Meet Paulie (played by Ed Burns) who is about to be married to his pregnant girlfriend (played by Brittany Murphy who I normally cannot stand). Paulie has cold feet and the movie focuses on his friendships with his groomsmen. Each of the men is going through something in their lives. Paulie is able to realize what matters most to him and work his way through things. Overall - Ed Burns was good in this.

PS - Ian and I have this thing we refer to as our "top-5" - meaning I have a list of my top-5 male celebrities that I find good looking, and I also have a list of top-5 female celebrities I find attractive in some way. Same goes for Ian - 5 guys and 5 ladies. He mentioned that Ed Burns might make his top-5 men. Really?? Anyone else agree. And do you have something like this with your bf/gf/significant other where you have top lists?


  1. We do the top 5, but only with the opposite sex. My hubby has never finalized his top 5. I think he leaves it open on purpose.

  2. Oh yeah - we have top 5 lists although mine is ever changing.

    I'm surprised that Ian would put Ed Burns on his man list?

    J's list mostly just consists of Jessica Alba. I don't think he has a 2-5 picked out.


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