Monday, February 11, 2008

Do I really look 21?

This weekend we didn't really accomplish anything wedding related. Friday night we went out to dinner at our favorite sushi restaurant, Niwanohana.

I'm still doing really well with my get-fit goal. Saturday, after working out, I packed and headed to UVA to visit my friend Katie (I call her Lewis). She is one of my fabulous bridesmaids and is an amazing girl. We had a blast catching up on life, having "remember when" conversations about Spain, living together, and gossip about old and new friends.

We started off hitting up some stores for a little shopping. We stopped by Think Rock Paper Scissors where I looked at some cute wedding invitations. Saturday night, we ate at this adorable tapas restaurant, Mas, and ordered Spanish tortilla, spinach salad, patatas bravas and dates with bacon. It was delicious!

We then headed to Three (can't find any website) where we played some pool with one of her friends and this random sketchy guy. He totally leaned in the corner and poured a/some pill(s) into his hand and took them all secretly. My drink had been sitting near him so I quickly ordered a new one for fear he'd roofie me! I'm paranoid like that! This sketch ball also asked how I think he looked. I told him 28 (which he is). Lewis asked him how old she looked - he said 24 (she is). I then asked how old I look - he replied 21, but knew I must be older because he knew I was getting married (saw the ring). 21?! Really?? Do I really look that young? It's funny, I was somewhat offended by this. But then I remind myself that in 20 years if I can pass for being younger than I really am, SCORE!

Yesterday, we woke up and grabbed some food and sat on the steps of the campus and looked out over the lawn. The campus is beautiful! I really fell in love with this town - so quaint and homey.

Here are some pictures from our fun weekend!

I look pregnant in this picture - bad angle!

Sketchy drug man:

The view from where we ate our breakfast:

The cute town of Charlottesville:

How was everyone's weekend?

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