Wednesday, February 13, 2008

71 Items To Do

My mom recently compiled a list of to-dos to get done before the big day. I am scared at the number of things we have to do. I totaled the number - a little over 100. YIKES!

So - I'm about to get a little list crazy. Here's the list:

Dress Fittings
Hair Clips
Under garments
Decide FG Dress
Wedding shoes
Reception shoes

Order Cake
Preserve top layer
Groom's cake

Finalize flowers
Decide on lighting
Preserve bouquet

Order Invitations
Wording Invitations
Thank yous
Print Envelopes

Ceremony and Reception Stationery
Select Readings
Select Vows
Write Intentions
Table Assignments
Place Cards
Assign Tables
Number Tables

Wedding Music
Pre Ceremony
Blessed Mother
Post Ceremony
Review Musicians

Bridal Shower
Guest List
Recipe Cards?

Arrange for tasting
Choose linens
Get table layout
Pink/Black napkins
Guests - Pictures
Guest Goody Bags
Car Thank You Notes from K/I
Favors/Notes for tables?
Cameras for each table

Rehearsal Dinner
book site
make guest list
get invitations
send invitations
groom cake?

Wedding Week/Before
Nail appt.
Hair appointment
Bridesmaid lunch
Bachelorette party
Bachelor party
Order Sun. brunch

Prep for Vendors
List of posed pictures
List for videographer
List of dance songs
Contracts to Cherry Bl.

Marriage Prep
Pre- Cana
Meet with priest
Bridesmaid gifts
Groomsmen gifts

Okay - after reading through this list, this is where my breath starts quickening, I start feeling light-headed and my hand starts dialing the numbers to my fiance so that I can say, why don't we just get hitched in Vegas?!

Some of the things on the list are super little. And I also remind myself that I love crossing things off of my list. Making this list motivates me to get moving! We're already working on the cake tastings and about to finalize our flowers/florist - it's all a work in progress.

In the meantime, I've been searching for good ideas for attendant gifts. Have you received something really perfect that you appreciated? Did you give your attendants something that you were super excited about? I don't necessarily feel like I need to get each of them the same thing. I've been thinking about specializing it so that I get something that means something to each person.

Last night, Ian and I went to Normandie Farm Restaurant in Potomac to meet with someone and see the space as a possible rehearsal dinner location. We ate there as well to try out the food. I had been there quite a few times growing up but couldn't remember it for the life of me. The food was pretty good and we liked the space, not to mention that the price is right. I don't think we'll be spinning the wheel one more time, which means I may be crossing more off of the list soon!


  1. that's where Lisa's rehearsal dinner's good!

    please let me know how i can help you cross some of that stuff off your list!

  2. I share your love of crossing things off of a list too!


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