Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Winner is: Greece!

We're going to Greece, we're going to Greece!! We got information from our travel agent for Croatia, Hawaii and a few other places (in addition to already receiving info on Greece). We ruled out Croatia because of the cost for flights. So we narrowed down to Hawaii and Greece. Greece is the winner!! We figured we don't get to go overseas very often so we want to take advantage of it. We're now working out the detailed flight info and will most likely have a direct flight from Philadelphia to Athens. Then, the exciting part is figuring out our hotels and activites in each city (Athens, Crete and Santorini). SO excited!!

I'm ready for the STDs to go out - but every time I think they're ready we manage to get one more address. So I keep waiting until we have every person accounted for. Our guest list also keeps changing. Is this normal? We decided to cut a few people just to make our party a bit more intimate. My mom is worried about hurting some of her friends feelings. I grew up in a large neighborhood, Flower Valley, and my mom is friends with a lot of people there. She regularly meets them for dinner, drinks, whatever. The big dilemma is that we're inviting some of these neighborhood friends, but leaving some of them off the list. Reason: I am not close with them or haven't seen some of them since like high school or something. I think it makes sense - and if I offend them, oh well - they should understand! And Mom - if they ever ask you about it you can blame me - it's not like I see them anyways!

My mom took care of booking the two buses - one for all of our attendants (13 all together), Ian's parents and the other for all guests staying at the hotel. I'm asking guests to let me know if they're planning on taking the bus because we'll need to upgrade to a different bus depending on how many peeps are taking it.

Lewis is taking care of calling different makeup artists and getting pricing on that. I've been in contact with a couple and have not been completely satisfied with pictures of some brides they've worked with. So Lewis is taking care of the research to find some more!! Yay!

My mom contacted a lighting guy to possibly do lighting for our reception. I had heard from everyone about how cheap it is to do this but holy moly, it's not cheap at all! It would come out to be about 5% of our budget - that's a lot for just a little lighting! We might end up scratching this idea because it's money that could be used elsewhere (or saved). What do you think? Will the lighting really make that much of a difference? Here are some pictures of what it would look like with lighting: The Westin Grand Photo Gallery. Also, here is a fellow Westin Grand bride who used the lighting company we talked with:

It looks so pretty with the lighting! Ahhh I can't decide!


  1. Congrats on making the honeymoon decision! I'm so jealous. :)

    As for lighting... honestly, I think you can skip it. You're right, its pretty but is it really worth 5% of your budget? Most people don't remember anyways.

  2. Jealous! I've always wanted to go to Greece!


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