Thursday, January 24, 2008

Florist Meeting in Review

I am back to work and feeling a whole lot better - the antibiotics must be working well.

My Mom met with Petal's Edge while I was sick to get a preliminary estimate for flowers I'm looking to have. I sent my mom with lots of printed photos of things I like, specific flowers I do not want (no calla lillies - they're overused at the moment), centerpiece ideas, bouquet likes and dislikes, etc. I also made notes in each picture of what exactly I liked about it (color, shape, style, arrangement, etc.). The florist took it and ran with it and sent us a proposal. She thanked me for being so specific because she got such a clear picture of my vision (which to me, is hard to put into words - I just know when looking at a picture whether I like it - but typically can't describe the overall vision). I highly recommend anyone about to go through this process to take as much "research" with you so the florist gets specific ideas for you.

Her ideas were perfect! And the estimate comes in RIGHT on budget. We may or may not use everything she has on the estimate (as we included some ceremony flowers that we might not use). I was hoping to come in a bit under budget for our flowers to make up for being over budget on our photographer. My mom is meeting with 2 other florists and then we'll make a decision. But so far, so good!

I haven't mentioned poor Heath Ledger. I think everyone is a bit shocked and inundated with information coming in on what exactly happened to him. I have to say I'm sad his death. I remember him from his days in 10 Things I Hate About You (and I have to admit, I had a huge crush on him in my high school days). He just seemed like a rather genuine, down-to-earth guy who happened to be very handsome. And the pictures of him with his daughter, Matilda, simply break my heart. It's clear that he loved her so much. I think the pictures of him carrying her on his shoulders really get me. It's such a fatherly thing to do when your kids are little - make them feel so important like they're on top of the world. It's extremely sad that she won't grow up with her Dad in her life. I can't imagine that - especially growing up where I'll see him often in movies he performed in. Maybe that's a good thing? Either way, my heart goes out to that little girl who hasn't even realized what exactly has happened.

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