Sunday, January 20, 2008

Feeling Sicky

I have been in bed with a fever since Saturday morning. I went to the doctor this morning and have a sinus infection and bronchitis. Yuck! Hopefully in 48 hours I'll be feeling a lot better. Because of being sick, it was a movie weekend!

Movie Review:
  • Happy Feet: I LOVED this movie. It made me happy. Part of it may be because I tapped all the way through college. But I just loved this movie:)
  • An Affair to Remember: You hear about this movie in other movies (Sleepless in Seattle), and my Mom's generation seems to talk about it all the time. So, I made the boy watch it with me. I think it's probably to my mom's generation what The Notebook is to our generation. It was quite good but cheesy of course. But if you're a hopeless romantic, you'll love it!
  • Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle: One of my friends from work told me I have to watch this movie. It was one of those stupid, funny movies.
  • Ratatouille: Loved this movie as well! It was slightly disturbing that you end up falling in love with this character - a rat. But otherwise - loved it!

I got out of bed yesterday to go to my first makeup trial. This was at the Andre Chreky Salon and the unique thing was that it was airbrush makeup. What I loved: it looks extremely natural and doesn't feel like I'm wearing any makeup. I also took a nap when I came home and when I woke up, the makeup was still flawless, and none was found on my pillowcase. This confirms that people had told me that airbrush makeup stays put until you wash it off. Love it! Here is a horrible picture of my (I didn't do anything with my hair, and you can see that my cheeks and eyes are a bit swollen because of my sinuses - hopefully I won't have a sinus infection at the time of the wedding!):

The only thing I would change is adding a little more blush and a bit more upper lid makeup. What do you think? Honestly this picture makes me a little ill - my hair is pulled back so tightly and the left side of my neck is swollen. Gross!


  1. First - I LOVED Ratatouille.

    Second - I love your makeup! I've heard about airbrush makeup and have wanted to try it although I don't really have an occasion to do so anymore.

    You look very natural, and I'm totally digging your lip color. I agree with you though about darker eyes. But that's just me and mostly because I don't do dramatic eyes often and wanted something special for my big day. And it showed up well in photos.

  2. I liked Ratatouille too! And I'm with you on the darker eyes and blush. I think the flash from the camera washed you out.


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