Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Holy Cow!

I was up very late last night. I finished my personal statement for law school applications around 10pm and went to send it to my mom for one more set of eyes spell/grammar checking it. When I went to attach it to the email, it wasn't there! ALL of my documents in the "my documents" folder on my work computer were GONE! I freaked out and after about 2 hours found them on the shared network, but still don't know where they are hiding. So at least I can get to them! This would've been disastrous - all of my pictures, work documents, and personal documents (wedding stuff too!) were there. I'm very lucky they didn't get erased!

I am going to post new pictures of the ankle as it's progressing well - but I'll do that at the end of the post so that those of you who do not want to see it don't have to.

I came across June08BrideJC while looking at the DC posts and she is the first bride I've seen that has the same wedding date as me! And oh my gosh - she has EVERYTHING done already. Should I be worried? Should I have a lot more done? She literally already has her invitations and honeymoon booked - every vendor is already booked! I'M SCARED! Here is my list of what I have done:

  • Ceremony location
  • Reception Location
  • Month-of-Coordinator
  • Photographer
  • In the process of booking our Rolls-Royce
  • Room Block
  • Save-the-Date cards are being ordered tonight or tomorrow
  • Hair person booked

We're in the process of trying to finalize our interviews with the DJs - so hopefully that will be done in the next week as well. My mom is coming over tonight to finalize the videographer. Next up is the florist and cake. What am I missing?! I need to do invitations still, and we need to book our honeymoon - oh but right, first we have to DECIDE on our honeymoon!

Besides that knottie having everything done already, she has some very cute ideas! She also is incorporating hot pink but is doing oranges with the hot pink. I love her cake topper, the bows on the chairs, and the cake table idea. Check them out! I tried posting the pictures of them but my computer is being weird.

Here is the picture of the ankle at day 11 after surgery:


  1. Don't feel bad! I remember a knottie that had the same wedding date as me that had booked MUCH MUCH more than I had but I worked everything out.

    People just work at different paces and you covered the most important stuff.

  2. Katiebird:
    That knottie has been engaged for over a year - you have been engaged for just over 2 months. Look at all you've accomplished! You're doing great! You only have a few more "date of" people that you have to lock in and then the rest is easy. Don't stress sooooo much. By the end of the month the big things will be done. Then we can just taste cake, look at flowers, order the invitations and get ready to try on that beautiful dress that will make Ian cry when he sees you. Love you!


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