Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Wait and See

I am not going to tell anyone which one we choose - you'll find out in the mail within a few weeks!!

I've started looking through knottie bios for pictures of inspiration for hair, makeup, flowers, cakes, decorations, little touches, photo shots, etc. I've decided I will try to focus on one of these pages per day if I find something I like! While looking through these pages, I came across FloridaHoya. She had a spectacular (what seems to be outrageously expensive) wedding. She hired Rodney Bailey as her photographer, who we actually looked at but decided against because of how expensive he is (packages start at $5,500, which normally doesn't include very much, and typically the packages can go up another 5-10k depending on what you choose!). I liked some of her little touches, but came across her invitations and love them! Here they are!

She has more pictures of it so check it out. I, of course, would have to throw in a little hot pink - just some subtle touches for color. Additionally, this bride did something I LOVE. She had a pair of shoes for the ceremony and a fun pair of shoes for the reception. I love that she wears these for the reception:

I am really trying to find some hot pink heels to wear for the day! I love the idea of being in all white except for the shoes. If you come across any while doing some online shopping, send me the link!

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  1. OMG that girls wedding is insane! beautiful but wow! and her honeymoon...omg!! haha, i like the shoe idea...my one suggestion is that you make sure ur reception shoe is very comfy...nothing ruins a great party like blisters from horrible shoes!


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