Thursday, December 13, 2007

Applications Done

I am sorry I haven't posted much. Three nights ago we decorated our tree while listening to Christmas music. It was very cheesy and cute and fun all in one. Here is a picture of Tessa and Ian in front of the finished product!

I had my first day of therapy on Wednesday and wowza, it was not the most comfortable and yesterday, I was in a whole lot of pain! I just had another day of therapy today and I was not a happy camper. I am not even walking on it yet and they put me on a bike today for 5 minutes - ouch! They make me move it all around which hurts, then push it and pull at it, then massage it (which sounds nice and relaxing but hurts like whoa), then put electric stimulation on it and pack it with ice for 15 minutes.

We received our printed Save-the-Date cards yesterday!! We had heard mixed-reviews about VistaPrint after Lauren had placed our order, so I was anxious to see how they came out. I love them! Minor issue is that they way they were cut means that one of the sides has more picture between the pink border and the end of the card than the other side does. I'm sure nobody else would even notice it - it's that little of a difference. No big deal in the end. Overall, I'm very happy with them especially for the price. We will be stuffing the envelopes and getting them addressed so they are ready to be sent out right after the New Year. We're waiting until after the New Year so that they don't get mixed in with everyone's holiday cards.

So the title of today's post has to do with my law school applications. They are officially DONE! I submitted all except three of them last night! Now I'll start my impatient checking of applications - it's an obsession I think. I really am so unbelievably impatient that I will check the application status about 5 times per day (on a good day!).

Tonight, Ian's parents are coming down to our house for some take-out. I hope I don't fall asleep at the table! Sunday, we are going to some Christmas show with Maggie at the Kennedy Center. Should be fun!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Don't fall on the ice.

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  1. I can't wait to see the Save-the-Dates!

    And you need to inspire The Mr about submitting his applications!


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