Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Not Sleeping

I am very very tired. The past several nights, I have not been able to fall asleep easily. I was up until 1am last night. This is bothering me a lot as normally, I am the type of person that puts her head on the pillow and is out. I think this is related to the following factors:
  1. Our house is a MESS. With me not being able to help much, Ian is doing the best he can to take care of me, Tessa, and still stay sane. So that being said, he just cannot keep up with all of it! Mainly, my laundry pile is OUT OF CONTROL. These are the times I miss living at home where my mom could do my laundry in a standard size washer/dryer.

  2. I'm tired of having people help me do everything. I get to work, have to call someone to come help me carry my bag. I get home and have to wait to eat even if I'm hungry because I need Ian to help make my food. I need help heating my lunch, refilling my water, etc. It'll be over soon and I know I shouldn't complain - but I'm impatient - I can't help it.

  3. Wedding stress. We need to book our honeymoon travel by January 1st as prices will go up after that. We have a travel agent and all we need to tell her is WHERE WE WANT TO GO! We still can't decide. We also need to figure out if we can borrow miles from one of our parents to pay for one of our flights because apparently, going to Europe in June is going to be a very expensive trip and it would help a lot to have miles for at least one flight. We also need to book the DJ in the next few days.
  4. Christmas present stress. Because of being a gimp, I can't go to a mall or store to get shopping done. I've tried to do most of it online. We still need gifts for my mom, brother, my Dad, Ian's Dad, Ian's brother. That's a whole lot of people! We have some presents for each of them (except Ian's brother - who has given no clues as to what he might like!! - Alex, if you're reading this, give me some ideas dork!). I normally am all finished my shopping by this late in December because I HATE crowds.

Okay enough venting. Hopefully we'll get some of this stuff done quickly so I can start sleeping again.

I came across Shana Eden who recently had her wedding at our location, The Westin Grand! Here are her pictures from the evening:

I love the fabric running from pillar to pillar - it adds something to the room. She also did some lighting effects that I love - we are looking into this as I hear it's fairly inexpensive.

Also, in her vendor review section, she raves about the food there which makes me very happy!

I just booked our car for the wedding day. Here is a picture of what it will look like:

And a better picture here:

This car will pick me up at the hotel, take me to the church, and then take Ian and I back to the hotel after the ceremony. Very excited!

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  1. Oh man - I would hate to have to rely on everyone to help me! That kind of stinks for you but Ian's getting a glimpse into married life in case something were to happen to you. :)

    Btw - I'm jealous of your ride!!


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