Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I'm calling Santa

I mentioned on Sunday that L has been such a three-year-old.  She has been such a little trouble-maker recently.  The other day, I spent almost the entire day cleaning up messes she had made.  She would dump an entire box of toys, and I'd be helping her clean it up, singing the clean-up song, and then realize she had disappeared.  I would call to her and then see her coming down the hall, giggling, rubbing her hands together.  She had gotten into the tub of vasoline, or lotion, or diaper cream.  Meanwhile, I have to hide my smile because she is so stinking cute while being naughty.

The other day, I am cleaning up our dishes from lunch and hear massive giggling from the other room.  I glance down the few steps and see L's hand flying wildly above Tessa who was laying on the ottoman.  Tessa was somewhat cowering, clearly unsure of what L was doing to her.

I turned off the water and headed to the other room, sure that L was up to no good.

And this is how I found Tessa.  With powder (anti-fungal powder we used to use around her gtube around, to be exact) all over her face and body.

I hope Santa doesn't see this post before Christmas!  L might not get any presents if she keeps this up.

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