Monday, August 26, 2013

What I would do for some coffee

Today was my first day of my last semester of law school.  I reread that sentence over and over to let it sink in and cherish how far we've come.  I say we because it took a lot of time, effort, and understanding from Ian, his parents, my family, friends, to get me here.

I have deadlines for the bar application, for some job opportunities, for graduation.  It is overwhelming how much needs to get done in the next few months.

And honestly, all I can think about when I think of everything I need to do is...I miss coffee.

Did I tell you I cut all coffee two months ago?  It is hell.  My stomach had been acting up and I decided to cut a few things to see what was causing the issues.  And of all the things I cut out, I was hoping that of them the coffee would be the one that was okay.  No such luck.

Luckily though, my tummy is happier without it.  But man, I really miss it.  Ian catches me smelling his coffee sometimes.  Odd?  Perhaps.

Hopefully I have enough on my plate over the next few months to keep me from missing it too much.  If not, maybe they make coffee scented perfume to make me feel like I have had some?

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  1. Something that I wish was around when I was in law school and studying for the bar- Starbucks Refreshers (I don't drink coffee). I highly recommend the Hibiscus flavor. I actually prefer the Via packets that I mix in with water in my water bottle (obviously not very often these days).


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