Tuesday, June 4, 2013

"You silly little boy"

The last time I posted was almost two weeks ago and I had promised some more substantive posts in a few days.  I am getting on that promise now.

We went to visit my brother and sister-in-law about a month ago.  It was the first time we've taken L to their house since her birth.  It was only her second road trip ever.  Considering the sleep issues she had that first road trip (about a year ago), we were a bit concerned that her screaming would wake one or both of my nephews.  One is just a couple months younger than L, and the other is a brand new little babe, who was about 10 weeks when we went to visit.  To wake either of them would have been bad news.

We forced her to skip her nap on the day of traveling hoping that it would encourage an earlier bedtime and less fight.  It worked out beautifully.  I was absolutely shocked.  She used one of the boys cribs which I think made all the difference in the world.  She just cannot sleep in a pack n play anymore.  And she fell asleep without a peep and slept until she heard her cousin wake up in the morning.

L spent most of the visit laughing at her cousin F, who is such a funny little boy and shows off doing anything and everything to make L laugh.  And she spent the rest of the time obsessing about her cousin B the baby.  She wanted to hold him, help burp him, give him his bottle...everything.  When someone would leave the room with him, she would freak out because she wanted to be with him at all times.  It was a beautiful weekend watching these little ones together.  And I got my fill of baby holding, and am totally in love with my new nephew.

L did great on the drive up north, but cried so much on the way home she made herself vomit.  That was definitely not the highlight of the weekend, for sure.  But even with that little mishap, the weekend reassured us that we can do more as a family and travel.  More trips up north in the future!

A few stories I don't want to forget.  F referring to L as "you silly boy" when she would do something he did not like.  F and L taking a bath together.  L obsessively wanting to hold F's hand even when he refused.  F helping L put her socks and shoes on, and L totally sitting back like a princess allowing him to (see the picture below).  L receiving the first smile of the trip from B.  And finally, attempting to get a good picture of the three kiddos together was humorous, and a complete fail. Better luck next time!

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