Wednesday, June 5, 2013

First medal

Luca's second session of Dream Team ended a few weeks ago.  I talked about our experience with Dream Team in this post.

On the last day, after some organized activities, the team put on the Olympics song and the kids marched around the gym.  Then, we all gathered around in a circle and they made a podium for the kids to come and stand and get their medals.  Each child was called up to the podium where we all clapped and they received a medal.  Luca was thrilled with the whole process.

Kids can take this program a maximum of two times, and sadly it means we are all done with Dream Team.  I am so happy we had the opportunity to have Luca participate - not all counties have this program and I feel so fortunate to live where we do.  Thanks Dream Team for some great social interaction, physical activity and challenge, songs, and introducing Luca to the parachute!

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  1. Awww it looks like she really enjoyed herself! She is such a cute kid!

    1. Thank you - she really did love the entire experience!


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