Friday, June 21, 2013

On our 5th Anniversary

Anniversaries make me nostalgic.  My mind wanders to what was happening at this precise time, 5 years ago.  I was starting to get ready.  I was likely on the balcony of the hotel, writing in my journal.  That is one thing I am so glad I did on my wedding day - took the time to journal.  I am normally an anxious person, but I remember being perfectly calm that day.  I felt grateful.  Happy. Perfectly content.  Excited.

I told Ian that in some ways it feels like we have been married for far longer than 5 years.  Probably because our marriage has seen a lot of struggles that I never would have anticipated when we said I do on that day.  We have also seen miracles, generosity, and absolute pure love during that time.  That is a lot to witness in 5 years.

But I also told Ian that in some ways it feels like we just got married.  Those same feelings that I felt on our wedding day still remain.  Grateful.  Happy.  Perfectly content.  Excited.

Happy Anniversary, Ian!

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  1. Happy anniversary! Hope you guys do something special this weekend!

  2. Happy happy anniversary! I can relate to the feeling of having been together longer. Dealing with struggles most couples our age don't deal with can really change your experience. And if you're lucky, like you two are, in a good way! I think Mike and I have been able to have a much deeper connection because of our struggles. Congrats!


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