Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Living for today

You can be a planner.  You can do everything right, follow advice precisely.  You can have a big house with a beautiful yard.  Have your family by your side.  Have a job you love.  Great friends.  You go about your life, organized.  You pay your bills.  You run errands.  You plan vacations.  You plan a life.

Then, it can all change in a second, an hour, a day.  

Everything you do to make your future bright, wiped away.  The life you had planned, gone.

How are you living?  Are you loving your life?  Are you appreciating today?

I am lucky.  I have a reminder every day, to appreciate life for what it is.  Luca, well, she gave Ian and I the perfect perspective on life.  She is such a blessing.  Every single day.  Even on days I want to pull my hair out.

Ian and I had a rough plan of our future together.  Get married, law school, work, buy a house, then a few kids thrown in to provide love and laughter in our home.  Then, Luca joined our family.  And everything about our "plan", was thrown out the window.  Financial security.  Many kids.  A house.

Life has been messy.  The downs have tested us.  But my God, the positives have been remarkable.  She is here.  A miracle in itself.

She hears a baby cry in the room, and goes over to try to provide a hug.  She sees that one of us has a scratch or cut or bump, and leans down and kisses it.  She sees Ian rub my back, and comes over to be my masseuse.  She walks into a party with people she has never met, and walks straight over and starts giving hugs.  There is a circle of kids running in circles, and she stands in the middle watching them with a smile on her face.  Other kids are hurrying to get from A to B, as she takes her time, never feeling pressured to be anyone but herself.  Someone wants to play with Luca's toy, and Luca hands it over for the child to experience it.

She is my gentle little soul.  Wise.  Observant.  A true free-spirit.  She finds joy in just about everything but especially time with people.  She loves all music.  She is confident, inviting, kind.

She is my reminder.  What is yours?

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